The Venue

Main Event Head Quarters (HQ) area
> All activities on race weekend are based around our “Race HQ” at Whitirea Campus on Wineera Dve, Porirua. HQ opens at 7:00am on Race Day.
> We create a cool party atmosphere with live music, a cafe, barbecue, massage stands and fun activities for the kids. Not to mention the action as the various events all start, finish and transition at Whitireia. It’ll be lots of fun with something for everyone.
Click Here for Competitor HQ Map

Parking at HQ
> Wineera Dve on Race Day can only be accessed from the south, via Parumoana St or Tutu Place. You cannot drive into Wineera Dve from the lights at Titahi Bay Rd.
> There is strictly no parking in Wineera Dve, between Tutu Place and Titahi Bay lights.
> There is parking on Whitireia Campus for participants only… BUT… participants must park in their allocated car parks. See map below.
> Supporters and spectators can not park in Whitireia Campus. There is parking just one block away in Tutu Place.
> Click Here for Competitor HQ Map including Parking Allocations

Free Bus To Fun Run/Walk Start
> We provide a free bus from Whitireia HQ to the start of the Fun Run/Walk at Titahi Bay.
> Pick up is on Tutu Place, opposite the Warehouse.
> There will be two buses operating a continuous circuit starting at Tutu Place, the first pick up at 9:30am and the final pick up approx 10:30am. The buses are expected to do two trips each.
Click Here for Competitor HQ Map including Fun Run/Walk Bus Pick Up

Late Entries
> Entries will be taken on Race Day only for the Fun Run Walk. But only at Race HQ between 7:00am and 9:00am. There will be no eftpos available.
> No entries will be taken on Race Day for the Multisport, Duathlon, Paddle Only, Mtn Bike Only or Mtn Run Only.

Food & Beverages
> Multisport, Duathlon, Paddlers, Mtn Bikers & Mtn Runners receive a free lunch as part of their entry. This is available in the cafe at HQ. Just show them your race number.
> The Fun Run/Walk and Youth Challenge will receive refreshments at the finish line courtesy of the Titahi Bay Community Church. Just show them your race number.
> The cafe and a barbecue will be open to the public. Please bring cash.

Post-race Massage will be provided. $15 for 15min.

First Aid
Upper Hutt Community Rescue will be based at HQ & around the course for First Aid support.

There are three toilet/shower blocks at HQ. They will be sign-posted.

Secure Gear Storage
For those without a support crew and/or wanting to store their bag somewhere close to the finish line, Race HQ has secure bag storage in the main quad (next to the race pack pick up). The room will be manned, but gear will not be ticketed and any gear left there is an all care but no responsibility situation.

Bike mechanic stand
Pack and Pedal Porirua will be at the main HQ Transition area from 7:30-9am for last minute bike fix ups for the multisport, duathlon and MTB only participants. A big thank you to the Pack and Pedal team!

Keep Transition Areas Clear
Please note that the competitors will be coming through HQ multiple times and have right away at all times. The transition area and chutes will be fenced off and marshaled, but please take care when trying to cross through. The transition area will be closed off to the public.

Recycling & Zero Waste Focus
We encourage a zero waste event. Thanks to the Zero Waste team at PCC for this initiative. Looks for the various bin labels:
> Compost bins and recycling bins (glass, plastics, paper, tins etc) will be supplied and managed by the Te Rito Community group.
> Landfill bins (try to minimise these non-recyclables as much as you can!)
> Anyone reported littering, damaging fences, gates, building or other property will be disqualified.

Start, Finish & Transitions

> The Multisport , Duathlon, Paddle Only, Mtn Bike Only & Mtn Run Only events all start, finish & transition at the Whitireia Race HQ.
> The Arena Fitness Fun Run/Walk starts in Titahi Bay. A free shuttle bus from HQ to the start line is available – See Above.
> All participants must arrive at least 45min prior to their start time.
> All transitioning must take place within designated transition areas. Only one support crew member allowed within transition areas.
Click Here for Timetable regarding all briefings and start times
> Click Here for Competitor HQ Map showing Start/Finish/Transition etc

Compulsory Briefing
> Every event has a Compulsory Briefing for participants at Race HQ, except the Fun Run/Walk, which has a briefing at the Titahi Bay beach start line.
> Click Here for Timetable regarding all briefings and start times.

Prize Giving

> The Prize Giving is held at the Whitireia Race HQ, in the main quad beside the finish line.
> Arena Fitness Fun Run/Walk – 2:00pm
> Multisport, Duathlon, Paddle, Mtn Bike, Mtn Run – 3:00pm

> Prizes will be awarded in every category.
> There must be 3 entries in a category for it to be acknowledged. If less than 3, the participants will be transferred to the next obvious category (e.g: veteran women to open women).
> We have an extensive list of spot prizes provided by our generous sponsors.

> Timing is via electronic timing chip collected with your race number.
> Any protest must be lodged in writing with the organisers within 30 minutes of finishing. The organisers’ decision is final.
> Race Day Results are provisional. Full results will be posted to the website within 24hrs.

Free Photos
> Every participant will have access to free photos available to be downloaded from www.marathon-photos.com.

Important Race Info

Personal Responsibility
> There is an element of risk in any outdoor activity. Competitors must use properly maintained equipment, have Standards-approved bicycle helmets and buoyancy vests, be self-sufficient in terms of food, hydration and gear, be responsible for their actions at all times, and to be fit and healthy enough for the event they enter.
> All competitors are expected to be self-sufficient, to carry a jacket, thermal top and sufficient food and drink on each leg.
> Mountain bikers should carry two spare tubes, a full puncture repair kit, a bicycle multi-tool, spare chain lube and a pump.
> Any entrant withdrawing from the event, whether before the start or during the race, must be notified to a race marshal or aid station staff, so we can account for everyone.
> All competitors must read all information on the website and the info sheet in their race pack.

Race Numbers
> Each participant will wear a race number as per following:
> All Mtn Bike riders will be issued a number plate that attaches to the handlebars with cable ties provided.
> All Runners (Mtn Run & Fun Run/Walk) will be issued a paper number that must be attached to the outside of clothing on your chest with safety pins provided.
> Kayakers (multisport & Kayak-only) will be issued a paper number that must be attached to the outside of your life jacket on your chest with safety pins provided.
> Multisporters & Duathletes (individuals & teams) will be issued all of the above.

Cut-Off Times
> There are course cut-off times in place for Multisporters and Duathletes (teams and individuals), whereby they must have started the Mtn Run by 12:30pm. Those runners then need to reach Pikarere Farm before 2:30pm.

Course Marking
> All roads, tracks & waterways are open to the public.
> Competitors must follow directions of course markings, race marshals and safety personnel.
> There will be marshals at strategic points, including road crossings, but they will not stop traffic. No traffic will be stopped.
> But participants must obey all the road rules, give way to the public and traffic on all parts of the course, and take responsible for their own actions and decisions at all times.
> The course will be marked via signs and tape and marshals to mark/indicate the course. Horizontal arrows indicate direction. Upward arrows indicate uphill or straight ahead. Downward pointing arrows warn of steep downhills or drop-offs.
> Please do not climb fences.
> Closed gates often have stiles. If forced to climb gates please climb on the hinge side.
> When passing, the competitors in front have right of way. Be patient and polite at all times.

First Aid
> Upper Hutt Community Rescue is based at HQ & on-course at areas of particular concern.
> In the event of minor injury, continue to the next aid station for treatment.
> In the event of serious injury, participants must stop to assist. One competitor must stay with the injured person and send another competitor to the next aid station. Do not move anyone suspected of back or neck injuries. Your times will be adjusted accordingly. Any competitor who does not stop to assist will be disqualified.
> Any entrant withdrawing from the event, whether before the start or during the race, must be notified to the organisers or aid station staff, so we can account for everyone.

Drink Stations
> All participants on all sections must be fully self-sufficient with hydration, nutrition and equipment.
R-Line Electrolyte Drink is the official energy drink of the PGT.
> The finish line at Race HQ will have a drink station.
> The Mtn Run will have a drink station approx half way through, within Pikarere Farm.
> The Fun Run/Walk will have drink stations at approx 2.5k and 5k, inside Whitireia Pk.
> There will be no drink station on the Mtb Bike course.